If you love art, and you are on your vacation to Mallorca, Spain, you can spare some of your time in your schedule to visit some popular galleries in this city. Mallorca has some popular galleries, and one of them is Jaime Luis Revuelta Santos. This is one of the best galleries where many international and local artists display their work of arts in the gallery.

Jaime Luis Revuelta Santos gallery is situated right in the heart of Mallorca. It is about 2.3 km from the centre of Mallorca. Precisely, the gallery is at Fran├ža, 31 07159, S'arraco, Andratx (Mallorca), Illes Balears. When you visit Jaime Luis Revuelta Santos, you can also visit galleries nearby, such as Centro Cultural Andraitx S.l. Andratx (Mallorca) Estanyera which is about 3.5 km from the central city or Centro Cultural Asbaek Andratx (Mallorca) Estanyera which is also about 3.5 km from the central city.
Gallery in Mallorca

Visiting Jaime Luis Revuelta Santos will surely satisfy your curiosity about the arts developing in Mallorca. Many artists, like painters, photographers, sculpture and designers have produced their best work of arts. They usually display their works in one of the galleries in Mallorca. Most of their works are available for sale. Hence, when you are interested in their work, you can simply buy their works and enjoy these valuable works.

The galleries like Jaime Luis Revuelta Santos usually don’t always work with local artists. They sometimes invite international artists to display their works in the gallery. This aims to attract more visitors to the gallery. The invitation is usually accommodating in a big event of art exhibition. At this moment, it is recommended for to visit the gallery. You will have a chance to see the most valuable and beautiful works of arts of the international artists.

The artists that the gallery invites usually are hundreds of artists. They derived from various countries like those from European and Asian. The artists will display their best work like paintings, sculptures, photographs and graphics. You will get many benefits when visiting the art exhibition since you can enjoy their beautiful works that you may have never found somewhere else.

What makes you feel enjoy when visiting the gallery is not only the work of arts displayed but also the venue of the gallery. The gallery has spacious room, allowing you to enjoy the arts comfortably. You can enjoy the arts one by one comfortably. You will not feel crowded with the spacious area. You can even discuss about the work with the guide and see what benefits you will get when you buy certain work or art.

Moreover, the gallery is located not too far from the central city of Mallorca. It is accessible and will not take much of your time. The gallery opens every day, allowing you to visit it at any time during your stay in Mallorca. Once you have decided to buy one of the works of arts, you will get the best souvenir from Mallorca. The Jaime Luis Revuelta Santos opens at office hour every day.

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