When you are in Mallorca, you don’t have to worry about where you will have lunch or dinner. Mallorca has many restaurants with their own unique dishes and services. One of the most popular restaurants in Mallorca is La Barraca. The restaurant is so popular because of its various and delicious dishes. You can enjoy the dishes offered to you. No matter what dishes you select the taste so delicious that you must want more.
La Barraca, the Most Favorite Restaurant in Mallorca

One of the most popular dishes is different types of paella. Paella is usually served with seafood. Depending  on your request, paella can be served with different style, like adding it with chicken. You can order one that suits to your preference. You can also order other menus. Otherwise, you can simply order beverages. The waiters will serve you patiently. They are also professional and give you their best service.

The restaurant has quite atmosphere as well. When you visit La Barraca, you will be able to have meals comfortably since the restaurant is designed with decoration that will make you enjoy the atmosphere. You can select to sit down on your favorite table. The most favorite table is surely in the corner of the room. In this table, you can see people coming in and out of the restaurant. You can also enjoy the situation and the food well too. There will not many people walking around you when select the table in the corner.

When you visit La Barraca restaurant, you will be able to get the food immediately. This is because the restaurant gives priority to serve their customers. Hence, no matter how crowd the restaurant is, customers always come first. You  don’t have to wait long for your order. The chef and the waiter work professionally to give their best service. You will be satisfied with their service.

The design of La Barraca restaurant is so lovely and rustic. Such design makes the restaurant very nice. You can relax and have a conversation with your partner comfortably during your visit in the restaurant. Fortunately, there are several little rooms where you can have your meals that allow you to a more private and relaxed conversation. You will not get disturbed by other visitors when you choose the small room.

Since your arrival at the restaurant, you can select different menus, depending on your preference. From the main menu to the dessert, all are served professionally. You can select paella seafood as your main dish, and then select the Catalan cream for the dessert. Such menus are the most perfect menus offered by the restaurant. You will find that the menus are delicious. You may not find it anywhere else but this restaurant.

If you stay for more than one day in this restaurant, you can always have your lunch and dinner here. You don’t have to spend much money since the price of menus offered is reasonable. You don’t have to spend much money on food. You can consider La Barraca your favorite restaurant.

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