When you have a plan to have a trip in Mallorca, it is better for you to join Tramuntana Tours. The tour is based in Soller, right in the heart of the mountain range of Tramuntana. Tramuntana offers a wide range of ways to enjoy the spectacular surroundings of Mallorca. The tour also offers excursions to give every visitor a chance of getting closer to the real Mallorca. The excursion ranges from hiking, off road mountain biking, sea kayaking and even chartering a sail boat. In addition, for those who love fishing, the tour offers fishing trips as well as canyoning excusions and climbing tours.
Tramuntana Tours in the Island of Mallorca

Hence, depending on your preference, you can choose a specific type of excursion you can select. All of the excursions will give you a challenging experience. You will never forget the moment you visit Mallorca and join the tour. In brief, here are the excursions offered by Tramuntana Tours.

Hiking and Walking

When you decide to join the hiking and walking excursion, it means you have chosen the right option. Hiking and walking activities will be centered in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains, Soller. Soller is an ideal place to do such activities. This is because you can enjoy the life of the countryside people and its surrounding area. The hiking and walking activities are group to suit the levels and abilities of visitors. The group usually consists of 4 and 8 people. To do this activity, the tour provides a professional guide to help you explain the most exotic places you may find along your journey. You will be able to learn flora and fauna, culture and history of the area of Soller.    

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is specifically provided who has skills of mountain biking. The tour offers a track surrounding the mountain, including a rocky single track which wind through the area of olive groves. The track is so incredible since you can view the most amazing panorama in the Mediterranean. However when you decide to choose mountain biking activities, you must make sure that a guide will accompany you. This is because the track provided by the tour is unfortunately 90% of it is privately owned. It may be not suitable as your track for mountain biking. You must have a guide to lead you the way so that your mountain biking activity will be more exciting.


Canyoning may be the most challenging activities of all offered by the tour. It involves many activities at once like scrambling, walking, jumping, climbing, swimming, and/or abseiling through a canyon. There are many limestone rocks you will find in the mountain range of Tramuntana. It allows canyons carved out by water. The narrow gorges offer you a challenging but fun track for you. Canyoning is best done its best time on October to April. At this time, the rain falls at its heaviest volume. You must prepare yourself properly if you decide to join this activity. You better bring a good pair of walking shoes and warm clothing to deal with the harsh environment.

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