When you are in Mallorca, you should never miss Restaurante La Savina. The restaurant deserves to be included in your travel plan. This is because the restaurant has various top menus that are suitable for customers around the world. In addition, the restaurant is designed with special interior decoration, allowing you to feel comfortable when you are in the restaurant. Considering the advantages, you better spend your time to try this restaurant when you have been in Mallorca.

The Restaurante La Savina is situated in Avda. Mediterranea n0 22-40, 07870 Formentera, Spain. It is easy to find, and whenever you ask local people about the restaurant, they will directly show you the way. When you have been in the restaurant, you will think that it is a nice and romantic place. You can have meals accompanied by beautiful music. Although you may not know about the music played, you can enjoy it since it is a comforting music.   The Restaurante La Savina is popular for its best menus. However, you may be surprised as the restaurant offers expensive menus, starting from 12€ for the starter menus and 20€+ for the main dish. The expensive price of the dishes is worth paying any way. All the menus are so delicious that you must want more. You must want to try every menu offered to you. Especially, the staffs serving you are so kind and nice. They will gladly serve you.

Restaurante La Savina
Restaurante La Savina

During your holiday, you can always have meals in this Restaurante La Savina. You will be satisfied with the menu. At night, you can order wine or seafood. There is a good list of wines that you can select. Also, there are various seafood menus that you can order. All these foods have reasonable price. Moreover, the menus have good quality taste, making you want to visit the restaurant again. When coming to the restaurant, you can ask your partner and enjoy the moment. The atmosphere of the restaurant brings romantic and intimate moment for both of you.

What makes you feel satisfied may be the customer service. The Restaurante La Savina hires professional waiters and chefs for customers. Whenever you order some dish, the chef will prepare the menu with his best skills to make the most delicious dish. You’ll be surprised to see how the taste of the food you order is so delicious. The waiter serving you is also polite. He will be serving you patiently.

When you are in Mallorca, you may have plenty options of restaurants. However, the Restaurante La Savinashould be on your first list. During your stay in Mallorca, spend your time to try all restaurants available. You must consider that this restaurant is the best one. You must want to visit the restaurant over and over again. Especially, the restaurant is not too far from the central city of Mallorca. This will make you easier reach the area of the restaurant.

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