Mallorca is an interesting island in Spain. Apart from various tourist destinations you can find in this island, you can see various landmarks in this island. The landmarks vary, ranging from castles to sculptures. The landmarks were built with an artistic design and high aesthetic value. One of the best landmarks in Mallorca is the Sculpture by Julio le Parc right in the central city.

Julio le Parc is well known for its incredible work or arts. He has created many sculptures which were displayed in various art exhibitions around the world. Julio le Parc was born in 1928. Although he is not young anymore, he never loses his touch. He is one of the best paints and sculptors in the world. His work of arts have contemporary art scene.

Julio le Parc

Julio is also popular for his distinguish sculptures and paintings. His specialization of arts is using exaggerated geometric modeling. The geometric modeling produces beauty with rhythm. In addition, he also uses special sculpture materials to create great effects of shade and light for his work of arts. Julio always shows enthusiastic in every single of his work. He is so dynamic allowing all of his work of arts to be so amazing and not so boring. He adds elements of curves, lines, black and white pattern to impress those who enjoy his work of arts.

Just like all of his work of arts, Julio built the sculpture landmark in Mallorca very carefully. He thought of every detail in this sculpture landmark. The sculpture landmark called Sin título was designed and built by Julio le Parc in 1999. Similar to all the designs of all his work of arts, Julio designed the sculpture using exaggerated geometric modeling. The sculpture is dominated by lines in a row and stack. Such design creates an unusual landmark, and it becomes one of the best landmarks in Mallorca.

When you see this landmark, you may think that this is just an ordinary landmark. However, for those who understand the arts, the landmark has great artistic value that is difficult to find from other sculpture landmarks. When you are in Mallorca, you should not miss visiting this landmark. You can even take pictures near the landmark. You will see that your photos will have a sense of art even if you only stand next to the sculpture.

The sculpture landmark has become of the main tourist attractions of Mallorca. Most visitors in Mallorca spend their time just to visit the landmark. The sculpture landmark is indeed worth visiting. You can see with your own eyes the work of art of Julio Le Parc. You may only see his work of arts in magazines or Internet. But when you are in Mallorca, you can see one of his best works in the form of sculpture landmark.

Considering the various tourist destinations you can visit in Mallorca, you better you’re your trip carefully when you are in Mallorca, especially if your time for the trip is limited. The Sculpture by Julio le Parc should be included in your travel plan.

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