Mallorca in Spain is rich of tourist destinations. There are many tourist attractions that make it so popular among visitors. Depending on the preference of tourists, they can select various places at a time to visit during their stay in Mallorca. They will not get bored visiting those places as all of the places offer unique characteristics that they will never find anywhere else.
Among the best tourist destinations in Mallorca is Talayotic Settlement Es Claper des Gegants. When you hear about the name of the place, you may think that it is some kind of small town where people of Mallorca live in peace. In fact, it is an archeological site in Mallorca. The settlement was used to be a town. That is why, when you visit the site, you will still find traces of life of old time people. The town of Talayotic in Es Claper des Gegants is one of the largest archaeological sites in the island of Balearic. The Es Claper itself lies in one of the highest mountains in Mallorca.

Talayotic Settlement

Visiting this site indeed takes some efforts. This is because the track towars the area is so high. Since it is at one of the highest mountains in Mallorca, you must prepare yourself to track the road towards the mountain. Actually, the access road towards the site has been built so convenient that visitors will not get tired easily. The roads towards the site is about two kilometers in length. The road  stretches from Alaior to the Son Bou Beach. From Alaior, you can go to the left, and then follow the road.

The tiring journey towards the site is not useless. Once you have arrived at the site, you will see the most beautiful scenery you have never imagined before. At the top of the hill, you will see a good part of the South Coast of Menorca. And when the day is sunny and clear, you can even see the mountains of Mallorca. It’s so wonderful.

Having arrived at the site, you can also see the best settlement ever built. Talayotic Settlement is built with a public path that is formed by three talayots. The three talayots are located right on the top of the hill. This serves as a strategic location to control the territory. It also has a sanctuary, which is called Taula. Moreover, it also has private buildings that consist of dwellings that are dedicated to domestic life.

You can also visit the under the hill part of the site. In this area, you can see a hall equipped with a column. It may be used as storehouses or probable as extensions of the dwelling. The area also has good storage and filtration system for the rainwater. The system consists of many channels and cavities that conducted the water to bigger deposits. The system also considers the most important characteristic of the archaeological site.

You can visit the site at summer at its best visiting time. At this season, you can visit the site on Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.  and also from 5 p.m.  to 8 p.m. On Mondays and festivities, the site is closed. Tickets are sold at 2,40 euros.

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