Having a vacation in a warm country is so much fun especially if you live in four-season country that has unfriendly weather. To get such a vacation, you can have a vacation in Mallorca. There are many great landmarks to see, restaurant to dine in, and activities to do. This capital city of the Balearic Island has nice weather. It is in its warmest weather between May until October.

In this nice weather, the best thing to do is doing outdoor activities. One of the activities you must do in Mallorca is walking along the Stream of Sa Riera. While you are in Mallorca, you can visit this natural and beautiful stream that is located in a medieval village called Begur. For you who like adventure, the walking journey to this aquatic landmark is quite challenging. The path along the Stream of Sa Riera is not smooth. You must prepare a pair of comfortable shoes if you want to be able to enjoy the greenery around the path. For many people, the path tends to be not pleasant to walk.
Stream of Sa Riera

If you get around in Mallorca in a car, you must park your car in a nearby car park in Begur when you visit this unmatched beauty. After you park your car, you can follow the path that crosses the wooded land. The Stream of Sa Riera is located along a valley. At first it seems to be dry. However, after you walk for several minutes, you will see that there is water that flows along the stream. This stream creates pools. You can even see waterfalls on it. These nature phenomenons are very beautiful. They pay for the unpleasant path along the stream. If you are tired, you can sit by the stream and wash your face. While you are walking along this path, you will also see some historical sites. One of them is Costa Brava’s horticultural and hydraulic heritage. Another historical site that you can see is Costa Brava’s water culture.

Some of you may wonder where the Stream of Sa Riera path ends. If you follow it until the end of the path, you will arrive at Sa Riera beach. This beach is so amazing that it pays the difficulty of walking along the Stream of Sa Riera. On this beach, you can still see the ancient fishing houses. You can also see beautiful villas on this beach. For you who like more adventure, you can try to climb on the cliff that is located on the left of the beach. This large white sand beach is a good place to spend your summer days with your loved ones. There are many activities you can do at this beach. You can rent a canoe and enjoy canoeing on the sea. You can also learn to dive in the diving school in this beach. If you love swimming, you can swim freely at this beach. However, you cannot see many things because of its sandy bottom. Get yourself ready now, and enjoy the adventure.

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