When you are having a vacation out of your country, you will likely see many things that will excite yourself. Different people may have different opinion of what makes them excited. Some people love to enjoy the rich culture and tradition of a country. Meanwhile, some other people tend to be interested in the natural beauty of the country. In contrast, some people are interested at the arts and architectures that can be seen in the country they visited.
Unique Art Exhibition in Mallorca

If you love arts and architectures, you must visit Palma de Mallorca. You will surely enjoy the architectures around the city and the exhibition and galleries in it. One of the best architectural masterpieces you must see is Castell de Bellver. You can see classical sculpture in this castle. You will also notice the blend of Arabian architecture and Spanish architecture. When you are at the top of the castle, you will enjoy amazing architecture. In addition, you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery while you are at it. Another place you must visit is Museo de Arte Español Contemporáneo. This museum has great architecture value. It is full of historical value. It is also the home of famous masterpieces from famous painters.

In Mallorca, you will not only able to enjoy great architecture, but you can also enjoy classical arts and modern arts. To enjoy it, you do not need to visit a museum, galleries, or arts exhibition. You can enjoy it simply in a public place where you do not need to pay the entrance fee. Some famous artists exhibit their art masterpieces in a park. The masterpieces are in the form of sculpture.

One of the famous sculptures you can enjoy freely is Antoni Socias’ Continents. Antoni Socias is a true Majorcan artist. He continues creating interesting work of arts in his entire career. He is not only a sculpture. But he is also a painter, photographer, and videographer. Everything in his hand can be created into a work of art. It can be seen from his exhibition in 2011. He shows images and videos he got from his journey to Africa.

Antoni Socias’ Continentsis an impressive sculpture that is located in Sa Faixina Gardens. It is created in 1998. Some of you may wonder what the sculpture like. Some of you may guess that the sculpture is shaped like a map of a continent. However, the artist’ imagination is different from other people’s imagination. Antoni Socias’ Continents is very unique. It is made of bronze. It is shaped like a strange boot with cables that is put on a box packaging.

Antoni Socias’Continents is not the only sculpture you can enjoy in a park. You can also enjoy a sculpture park on the north of Mallorca. You can also see an outdoor exhibition of sculpture work of arts in Palmyra Sculpture Center. If you are interested in the developments of arts in Majorca, you can visit numerous museums and galleries that are scattered around the city. Every museum and gallery has different collections. You will surely cannot finish enjoying the works of arts in one day.

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