Choosing a place to spend the holiday is really a good thing to do. Even so, somehow there will be some discussion as well as the quarrel to choose the place to spend the holiday. In addition, if you think that you have enough time to spend your holiday in your country, you can visit other country which is rather far away from your house. This is to get the experience that you never get before. Where to go then? Well, if you are brave enough, you can visit the Mallorca by any case. Do you know where Mallorca is? It is basically a biggest island in the area of Mediterranean archipelago. Why you have to be brave? This is because most people who live there speak using Germany, not English like most of us do.

Town Hall of Deia

In Mallorca, you can visit the Deia. It is a place where you can have many excitements. Not only because it has many histories from the past, but also because it has the beauty of a country which is covered by old culture. In the town hall of Deia, you can take a look on the place which is quite historical. If you care to know, the name of Deia is adapted from what it is called in an Islamic era. The Deia means village, from the word ‘Ad-Daya’ as Muslim people named it long ago before it was taken back by Christian. Perhaps in line with what has happened in the past, the people there is famous with many bohemian artists. As you go there, you will realize that there are many galleries of arts open there since there are many artists which are living there until now.

As a tourist, you do not need to have a doubt in your mind because even though Deia is a small place, it has many recommended hotels and restaurants as well as cafes that you can choose. What you need to do is to look for many reviews about the hotels and restaurants there. Therefore, you will not get confused and able to enjoy your activities in the Deia. Basically, taking a rest in Deia is really good to do, yet if you need more activities, you can have spent your time by swimming on the beach or having a time for tennis. If you like, you can also visit many art galleries in the Deia. At short, you will not get bored having your time in Deia for holiday. Not to mention, you can also found a place which is used as the Archeological Museum which will be really interesting for those who love to know about what was happened in the past. Hence, happy holiday for all of you, and do not forget to bring a dictionary in case there will be no one who is able to speak a good English with you.

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